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Recent Development in Computers

It is predicted that by the end of next decade, computers will transform into intelligent information helpers with portable identities. Imagine waking up one fine day and finding your fax machine fill up news information you are interested in, adding your meeting schedule for the day with appointments, backed with details. There is no end of imagination and computer usability. And the recent developments will make you believe it all the more.

There is already great competition to make computer chips tinier, efficient and cheaper. It is predicted that by end of next decade, computers will turn into thinking information processors. It is also said that miniaturization will be part of the world by 2010. It will be when transistors will reduce in size at the atomic level and when quantum physics will become practical, as it will make chip design completely out of place.

Computer transistors used today measure a mere 180 nanometers! It looks like the very basis of modern computer circuits will be broken down owing to the nano-level of miniaturizing. It seems that new devices would need to fit on scale of nanometer and also made available for inexpensive mass production. Some scientists are looking up to DNA model to build smaller circuits.

We are already heading towards nano-scale chip with leading computer companies like Hewlett Packard who are in process of building a near-term technique for devising molecular electronic devices. It is said that it may be possible to build computing devices that are 1 billion times more efficient than those we have right now.

It is still a big looming question that whether nano-scale computer chips will actually have a foundation of DNA. How will they exactly run? By molecular switches? These questions will be eventually answered by research and development.

It is difficult to imagine how these tiny components will be held together and attached to one another. How exactly will the components interact with each other and perform in a systematic way. The world is moving towards nano-technology much faster than we can imagine. The next generation of computers may be the next giant leap towards quantum physics and its practical application.

The first step is always challenging, as it must have been for the first age inventors of the computing technology. But, miniaturization and enhanced computing skills look like the next best step in the world of computers.

With technology advancements, we can expect efficient and non-fussy machines to have ever existed. As far as its implications and benefits are concerned, only time will be a witness to nano times….as unimaginable as it may seem… will be here, sooner or later…

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